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     Sexual Intimacy

Falling in love brings all sorts of chemical reactions to the human body and mind. Increased endorphins, the rush of adrenaline, a release of pheromones and an overall sensation of feeling energized and vibrant. But over time that may not be enough and we may need to supplement the body's own abilities to achieve desire, arousal, and reliable sexual performance with science and medicine. Aging, childbirth trauma, inevitable hormone decline, pelvic vaginal muscle atrophy from disuse, decreased genital blood flow and genital nerve impairment all take their toll. Assisting health promoting sexual intimacy with hormones, vasodilators, and neural stimulants can restore and sustain arousal, desire, and a gratifying sexual response for the course of our lifetimes. Large studies have proven that intimacy and loving sexuality go hand in hand with good health and a longer life.

Disturbances of sexuality frequently combine both psychological and physical aspects. All too often it is assumed that psychological causes exclusively are to blame, when there are objective, identifiable and readily treatable physical components. Treatment can result in improved health, happiness and quality of life.

Female sex enhancement protocol - pharmaceutical intervention

Estriol vaginal cream if dryness or painful intercourse is involved.

.Natural Testosterone to labia daily for 30 days then to inner wrist to maintain.

Balanced Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Topical sildenafil cream (made from Viagra) to enhance sensitivity.

Elimination of or alternative choices for SSRI type medications. Also consider blood pressure medications- especially beta blockers.

Male sex enhancement protocol - pharmaceutical intervention

Restore Testosterone to more youthful levels to promote libido, enthusiasm, confidence, and sense of well being.
Topical doses ranging from 25mg to 100mg (or more) usually twice daily.

Oral Medications to facilitate erection
Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or sublingual lozenge made from Viagra

Penile Injections to facilitate erection
Combinations of papaverine, phentolamine and/or prostaglandin E1

Elimination of or alternative choices for SSRI type medications. Also consider blood pressure medications- especially beta blockers.

Married couples who enjoy sex twice a week or more die with HALF the mortality (all causes) over a 10 year period of time than those that have sex once a month or less. For patients with heart disease, healthy and frequent sex produced an astounding overall mortality reduction of 68% over ten years (Smith G. Davey, British Med. Journal, 1997). Interestingly for men the frequency of sexual orgasm correlated, while for women it was the subjective perception of quality in loving sexuality. For both men and women in loving relationships, sex promotes health and supports the intimate connections, emotionally and spiritually, that weave its very fabric.

Sexual intimacy is preventative medicine as we age.