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Acology (ah-kol'o-je) [Gr. akos cure + logy] The study & application of remedies, therapeutics.

     Prescription Compounding:

The pharmaceutical art of preparing medication to meet the unique needs of specific patients.

Acology is a compounding pharmacy that combines the ageless art with the latest medical knowledge and state of the art technology to create unique medications. Utilizing specialized equipment and our years of experience, we create customized medications to a prescriber's exact specifications. 

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Although Acology does a wide spectrum of compounding, there are several fields that have become our areas of great expertise.  Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement is our forte.  We also prepare veterinary medications as well as pain treatments.   Acology also does contract manufacturing of nutraceutical lozenges using our proprietary Acology Lozi-Tab sugar free base. 

Acology Discount Generics is our newest venture.  We are now offering exceptional prices for US FDA approved generic drugs.

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  International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists

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